We started Affirm to deliver on the unmet banking and credit needs of Millennials and others. The unintended consequence was the incredible impact we’ve had on retailers.

- Max Levchin, Founder

We recently announced the 1 millionth point of sale consumer installment loan processed through Affirm, a milestone that came on the heels of record month-over-month loan volume in Q1 2017.
It’s also a testament to the power of fair and honest finance—no hidden, late, or “gotcha” fees—a considerable achievement in the face of increasing credit card income via these predatory fees.

*According to CardFlash.com, http://www.cardflash.com/news/2017/02/credit-card-fee-income-may-top-100-billion-2017-6-5-yoy/

**According to most recent data from R.K. Hammer

Consumers are Hungry for Fair and Honest Finance

A recent survey, conducted by Affirm, of more than 1,000 respondents between the ages of 22 and 44 highlights that most consumers want better, simple, and more honest financing options.

One of the major takeaways was that consumers —
especially — flat out fear debt, leading many to avoid credit.
Despite their reluctance to use credit, most still understand the importance of credit—whether it’s to build a strong credit profile or to purchase big ticket items with the intention of paying for them over time.

of respondents expressed interest in a simple way to pay over time for large purchases that was not a credit card

of these respondents cited “knowing exactly how much I’ll owe and when, including interest,” as the most appealing element of a simple credit card alternative

Doing Right by Your Customers Yields Results

Retailers are also seeing the dividends of offering the financing options their customers want.

Our retail partner community has grown immensely over these last few years. We currently count over 900 partners as part of this community.

Customers can now buy via Affirm across 900+ retailers and growing: Accessories, Apparel, Automotive, Education, Electronics, 
Home Furnishing, Music, Sporting Goods, Ticketing, Travel

The reason for Affirm’s quick expansion is simple—retailers are seeing actionable results. On average, our retailers see the following:

AOV Increase

Conversion Rates Increase

Revenue Per Visitor Increase

Customers wouldn’t have otherwise purchased

Affirm Users Who Repeat Purchase

Affirm NPS Score